Trust your SOURCEs!!

Can’t seem to get back to your chapter?
Has your character gone radio-silent?
Is your writing block so big it’s blotted out the sun? 
Having trouble finding time to write?

My intuitive-style coaching for writers focuses on the fears and blocks that get in the way of successful writing and writing practices. 


Following a detailed one-on-one interview, Ana-Maurine will assist you in developing clear, achievable goals and a work plan for moving past your blocks. You can also receive help refining your book concept. 

Coaching is for those who need help with their writing process, including writer's block. 

Guided Editing

Are your readers confused by your manuscript? Do you have gaps in the architecture? 

Guided Editing includes detailed reviews of your work, with comments, fact-checking, and suggestions for clarification and strengthening of the book’s architecture. Working one on one, at your own pace, we focus on the overall writing project in order to ensure that you are generating content that is in line with your personal project goals. In this way, we deal with inconsistencies in your text and with the overall architecture of the project. SOURCE’s goal is to make your work as strong, engaging and dynamic as you wish it to be.

SOURCE’s goal? To help you meet yours.

These sessions are completed in person, over the phone, via skype or google chat. 

Success Stories
Ana connects to the center of the needs of her client. The preparation and questions she brought to each session helped me focus and see clearly the obstacles and opportunities in my writing process. Through our collaboration, I was reminded that my doctoral work is a part of my life's work.  As I prepare and go into ceremony with integrity and openness, I can do the same for when I sit down to write.  Her coaching shifted how I saw myself and my time. Now I respect and honor the time I commit to this project.  In tough moments, I never felt judged, Ana caring attitude re-affirmed and encouraged to keep working.   Now I have tools to overcome my insecurities as a first generation scholar and student of color.  Thanks to Ana I have truly connected to my source, and I am seriously writing with joy and ease.                                                                                                                     -Angela