Be your own best SOURCE!!

Editing is the left-brained process that shapes your right-brain creation so that it makes sense to everybody else.

SOURCE provides a range of Editing Services aimed at making you look your best.

Detailed Content Editing

Detailed Content Editing is a hands-on approach to making your work shine. With Detailed Content Editing, you submit a complete manuscript and SOURCE provides you with extensive page-by-page written comments and corrections. The unique advantage of this kind of editing is that the writer receives feedback quickly. For those who choose this option, it must be absolutely clear that the editor does not write the work, but rather provides feedback, comments and corrections to strengthen the manuscript itself.  Ultimately, you as the writer are responsible for choosing how to communicate your ideas, characters, and plot. 

Copy Editing

Copy editing is the practice of dotting i’s and crossing t’s: it is the nitty gritty detail oriented process of making sure a writer’s work shines. SOURCE’s copy editing services include correcting grammatical, spelling, mechanical, punctuation and usage errors; page formatting (specifically margins, use of block text, bullet points, lists, headlines, numbers, chapter headings, etc.).

* For scholars, copy editing also includes checking citation usage and formats; reference matching; duplication of sentences; bringing attention to awkward phrasing and redundant language. 

*For creative writers, copy editing also includes notes on character/plot/p.o.v. and voice inconsistencies. 


Once a manuscript, thesis or dissertation is complete, SOURCE proofreads the work to make sure it is technically correct.   

Success Stories
Ana-Maurine Lara is an excellent writer and editor who has helped me professionally and academically. She has assisted me in editing my Master Thesis and a number of academic papers including professional work plans and reports. Since English is my second language I have found Ana's approach to working with me empowering because not only is she helping me with editing but I am also learning how to be a better writer along the way."


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