Other SOURCE services


Every once in awhile, a person approaches me requesting translation services. I have worked as a simultaneous interpreter in both English and Spanish, and have translated scholarly work and fiction from Spanish to English. In addition, I work with other authors and translators who have experience in translation from English to Spanish, English to French, and French to English.

If you have material you would like translated, please contact Ana-Maurine to discuss requirements, timelines and pricing. 

Workshops and Webinars

Building your sources!!

As SOURCE grows, we will begin to offer writing workshops, process workshops, webinars and online courses designed to help you be the best writer you can be. A sample of courses in development include:

  • Rolling with Writer’s Block
  • Crafting a Winning Book Proposal
  • From Dissertation to Book
  • Developing Compelling Characters
  • Plotting your Novel
  • Writing in the In-Between (a Cross-genre writing workshop)

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