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SOURCE Writing and Editing Services helps you become the best author you can be.

Creative writers and humanities/social science scholars have unique writing and editing needs. Unlike writers in business or other technical fields, they offer the world not only their own original ideas, but also their original voice.

SOURCE responds to the specific needs of creative writers and humanities/social science scholars by:

**Providing one-on-one motivational coaching through the writing process.  

**Providing direct editing services for both creative and scholarly writers in the humanities and social sciences. These services include:

·         Detailed Content Editing
·         Copy Editing
·         Proofreading

SOURCE provides coaching and editing services to:
  • Creative fiction and non-fiction prose writers
  • Literary poets
  • Scholars in the humanities fields
  • Scholars in the social sciences
  • Independent and inter-disciplinary scholars

In addition, SOURCE provides specialized services for

  • First generation college and graduate students
  • First generation creative writers
  • Creative writers and scholars for whom English is a second or non-native language
  • Creative writers and scholars of color
  • LGBT creative writers and scholars

SOURCE aims to offer a range of services at reasonable cost. To find out more about setting up coaching or editing services, contact us at source.wes@gmail.com

Check out our Editing services, which includes: content editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

Or, need help getting started or getting through? Check out our coaching services, which includes guided editing - an intuitive approach to working through your ideas and your writing goals.

Lastly, we provide translation services for a range of creative, scholarly and technical documents. Relying on a core team of translators, we provide translation from Spanish-English, French-English among others.

Founded by Ana-Maurine Lara, PhD - a national award winning author - SOURCE provides support for emerging and seasoned writers in a range of genres and fields.